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About us

The Suite MailWashingMachine described in this site is the result of the experience of D3C srl  people.

MailWashingMachine born as an experiment to fight the growing problem of SPAM in 1998 and, thanks to open source software such as Sendmail, Spamassassin, Mailscanner, Pyzon, Razor, DCC, KAM and others , has equipped the first Spam Wall.

Over the years this product, with different names, has protected our customers becoming better and better.

In 2009, the product has become a service-based infrastructure based in a leading Italian ISP, and continued his protection watch over more than 1000 mailboxes.

Since January 1, 2015 MailWashingMachine becomes a real product, in its double deployment: on premises and Cloud service.

The team of people has expanded, welcoming professionals who developed the product, adapting it to its new goals and monitoring it constantly to be ready to respond to the increasingly frequent attacks via email.

Try us, we are sure that you will not be disappointed with the service.

 D3C staffD3C sas