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Mail Box Machine


What it is

Sometimes you get tired of freemail and the spam, anonymity and danger they bring.

You have too few email addresses to need your own mail server but you want to have them belonging to your domain.

..and first of all, you want your email SECURE, with no Virus, Trojan or SPAM.


How it works

You could buy mail boxes and have them protected with MailWashingMachine easily and short time.


Why MailBoxMachine

10 reasons to have MailBoxMachine email:

  1. Email SPAM, VIRUS and Trojan FREE protected with MailWashingMachine
  2. Mail address @yourdomain or you can choose between @m-b-m.it, @mailboxmachine.it, @mailboxmachine.com and @scrivimi.eu
  3. 2 GB of mail space and more space if you need.
  4. Webmail.
  5. ActiveSync for mobile devices
  6. MailArchiveMachine compliant
  7. Mail filters
  8. SMTPs, POP3s and IMAPs.
  9. Mail sent through an MXs SPF compliant
  10. Access to support dedicated portal



MailBoxMachine,once it is configured, will be activated in short time.

First 30 days free to test the product. Mailboxes will have @mailbocmachine.com domain.



No prerequisites.