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Mail Washing Machine


What it is

This product and MailWashingMachine Cloud are identical, except than this infrastructure is not shared and is installed on premise

Email is one of the main working tools of any occupation but it could become a way to get significant IT threats or unsolicited email called SPAM that could disrupt the normal work or fill the mailboxes.

MailWashingMachine lets you wipe out this threats!


How it works

Incoming emails are sent to MailWashingMachine that analyze them and block or remove threats and Spam; then clean emails are sent to customer’s mailbox server.

All the mail server, no matter the brands or the versions, could be protected by MailWashingMachine, getting full satisfaction from clean emails.

MailWashingMachine is installed completely on premises in you infrastructure.


Why MailWashingMachine

10 reasons to use MailWashingMachine:

  1. Email SPAM, VIRUS and Trojan FREE
  2. Custom Whitelist and Blacklist
  3. DNS MX based attack will completely stops, and no risk to be listed in a Mail Blascklist.
  4. SSL protected web console to control email, released false positives or inquiry the system for forensics purposes.
  5. Unlimited mailboxes and domains
  6. Constantly monitored and managed system
  7. Not shared infrastructure, on premises
  8. Product suitable for any mail server such as Exchange, Notes, Google Mail, Mdaemon.
  9. Product MXs SPF compliant
  10. Access to support dedicated portal



MailWashingMachine,once it is configured, will be activated wit no service interruption and without compromising the normal email exchange.



  • A virtualized environment powered by VMware, Hyper-V or KVM
  • 50 GB disk space for each MailWashingMachine VM
  • 1 public IP address for each MailWashingMachine VM
  • DNS access to change MX records